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I offer therapy services to adults to overcome grief and loss, anxiety and depression, substance addiction, and acute and chronic trauma. My clinical approach is based in Internal Family Systems which is a transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people heal by accessing and loving their protective and wounded inner parts.


My psychotherapy focus is dedicated to people who are experiencing life transitions, grief and loss, addiction recovery, and the courageous journey of addressing and healing trauma.

Clients and colleagues tell me I offer a warm and inviting space to heal and grow. My goal is to offer the opportunity for people to understand what is confusing, transform trauma and loss, and learn how to thrive.


My practice is dedicated to the art and science of therapy. I am trained in the following models:

  • Internal Family Systems, a clear and empowering method of understanding human problems (Levels 1 and 2 trained)

  • EMDR (Level I trained)


  • National Association of Social Workers

  • Clinical Social Work Association

  • Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work

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Are you considering therapy for the first time or maybe making a change? Do you want to set new goals or start the process of self exploration? Maybe you have noticed that substance is in the way of making decisions, your relationships, and more. It can be difficult to know where to start. It can feel overwhelming and difficult to find a good fit with a therapist. I can help.

I use a patient-centered, strengths-based, holistic approach with a strong emphasis on Mindfulness. I am able to assist individuals to address issues associated with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

As a clinical social worker and therapist, I will provide a holistic treatment perspective based on a global view of issues facing individuals. My previous roles as Clinical Manager and Assistant Vice President of a recovery campus provided me with the experience and knowledge to help people set realistic goals and move forward quickly. Contact me today for a brief and complimentary consultation!


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