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Stacy Bishop, LCSW

Are you considering therapy for the first time or maybe making a change? Do you want to set new goals or start the process of self exploration? Maybe you have noticed that substances are in the way of making sound decisions and interfering with relationships, and other aspects of your life. It can be difficult to know where to start. It can feel overwhelming and difficult to find a good fit with a therapist. I can help!

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About Me

Hello! I am Stacy Bishop, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Kentucky and Indiana. I specialize in the treatment of individuals experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma and Substance Use Disorders. 


My introduction to the world of mental health began as a Mental Health Technician in a crisis stabilization hospital. I realized that I wanted to provide more input into the client’s treatment and planning process. As a result, I obtained a Bachelor’s in Social and Behavioral Science from Western Kentucky University followed by a Masters of Science in Social Work from the Kent School of Social Work and Family Science at the University of Louisville.


Throughout my 16 + years in social work, I have had the opportunity to hold various roles from a School Social Worker to the AVP of a Community Mental Health Recovery Campus. In each of my roles, I have never forgotten my humble beginnings as I continue to strive to provide a patient-centered, strengths-based, holistic care with the goal of assisting clients overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.


I have many family roles that I hold dear to my heart. I enjoy attending UofL baseball, basketball and football games with family and friends. I have an eclectic music palate and have been called a savant when it comes to musical facts. I am also a proud member of the BIPOC community and have a personal understanding of the social challenges and mental health implications associated with this population. 

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